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Arlington_logo_2clrHome Show Visitors will be able to find all answers in one place: The new “Ask an Expert” area,  features staff from the Arlington County Government answering your individual housing questions. We will have on hand people from the Green Home Choice Program, Inspection Services Division, Zoning Office and Code Enforcement Services. In addition, Master Gardeners from the Virginia Cooperative Office will be able to answer question regarding your yard, trees and plants.


Green Building

  • What is a Green home is and why you should consider building one?
  • How do you measure GREEN?
  • What Green Building/Energy Resources do you provide to residents?
  • Want to know the difference between a Home and a Comfortable Home?
  • Did you know…there are financial incentives for energy efficiency?
  • How to get help to identify, prioritize, and implement quality projects that will improve my total energy management?

Inspection Services Division

  • Do I need a permit?
  • Can I receive permitting information and schedule inspections without visiting the Inspection Services Division?
  • What Building Codes does Arlington County enforce?
  • What do I need at the time of inspections?
  • Can I be my own Contractor?
  • How long will it take to get my permit?
  • Who can apply for a permit?
  • Who can I speak to regarding mechanical/electrical/Plumbing code questions?
  • Who can I speak to regarding disabled accessibility?


  • How can I find out how my property is zoned, what uses may be established on the property, and what the applicable setback requirements are for my property?
  • The Arlington County Zoning Ordinances can be found here.
  • Does Arlington County regulate where you can operate a business?
  • Where do I find out who owns the fence?  Which side determines ownership, flat side or the support side?
  • How high can a fence be and is a permit required?
  • Where can I get copies of the Zoning Regulation?
  • What are the restrictions on the placement of sheds in residential yards?
  • Are there any regulations regarding the location and height of fences and walls?
  • Can I operate a business from my home?
  • I want to care for children in my home. How many can I care for and do I need a permit?
  • Are there any limitations on how many dwelling units can be built on a lot or on how many people may occupy a dwelling unit?

Code Enforcement Services

  • How do I submit a complaint?
  • Does Arlington County allow junk cars to be stored openly in residential districts?
  • Can old furniture, appliances, tires or building materials be stored on private property?
  • Does Arlington County allow sidewalks and roadways to be obstructed with low branches, shrubs and other foliage from private property?
  • What time can construction work begin?
  • How tall can my grass be?
  • What happens if I do not comply?
  • Where can I find the County’s Codes and Ordinances?
  • What do I do if I’ve received a notice of violation from Code Enforcement?
  • Who do I contact to file a complaint about illegal construction activity?
  • Can commercial vehicles be parked on a residential property?

Housing Division

  • What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?
  • What is Affordable Housing?
  • How can I participate in the Affordable Housing Study?
  • Which non-profit organizations in Arlington can provide assistance to income eligible home owners with maintenance, repair and home improvements?
  • Where can I get information with foreclosure prevention and counseling?

Arlington Agency and Disability Services Division

Historic Preservation Program

Historic Preservation Specialists will not be available at this show (unfortunately); However you can still obtain information through the links below:

More Questions?

At the Arlington Home Show you’ll also find answers to questions not mentioned here. Several experts will be available to assist you!