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About Us
Energy Masters is an award-winning volunteer program that conserves energy and water, helps our community’s neediest families reduce their utility expenses, provides conservation education to encourage behavior change, and benefits our planet by reducing carbon emissions.

Each year, the program recruits a class of volunteers including adults and students at least 16 years old and provides training on topics such as building science and how to speak to tenants. The training occurs from October through November. Afterwards, volunteers will then deploy their skills by educating the community through public events and performing hands-on work at affordable housing units in Northern Virginia.The program is co-managed by the non-profit EcoAction Arlington and the Virginia Cooperative Extension

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About our administrators:
• The Virginia Cooperative Extension ( provides a variety of financial, nutrition, gardening, and educational programs to the Commonwealth. In addition to Energy Masters, VCE manages the 4-H summer camps, the Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, Financial Education, and Master Nutrition programs.

• EcoAction Arlington ( is a nonprofit devoted to educating the community about environmental conservation and connecting people in the community who are interested in building a sustainable lifestyle. Check out EcoAction Arlington’s events and volunteer opportunities here: